Hello everybody, today is tuesday the 7th, congratulations! The new you is officially one week old, how are you finding it?

Baby Steps and Milestones:

Naturally the first week is always the hardest, especially with intensive resolutions, finding your feet and setting a rhythm tends to be disruptive and awkward, taking things at your own pace is always the best option!

No matter what your resolution is, or how fast you are approaching it, don’t forget to leave milestones, if you are reading this then I hope it’s motivation to look at the progress you have made and what your next milestone will be. This thing is a whole years worth of resolution, having milestones can sustain motivation, so with that, happy first week!

It’s not that big a deal…

Uhh yes it is! See here’s the kicker: A new year’s resolution is a personal commitment, something you alone will live with, you stirred up some invested self worth, some commitment and some time. Just think about what a resolution actually means to you, your reasons for doing it, these things are never as small as they seem.

Introducting some existentialism might help explain here, I’ll use Sartre’s Gambler as an example, but for all you reading, just add in your resolution in place of the premise “I wish to quit gambling.” The example goes as follows:

“I should have liked so much not to gamble anymore; yesterday I even had a synthetic apprehension of the situation (threatening         ruin, disappointment of relatives) as forbidding me to play. It seemed to me that I had established a real barrier between gambling       and myself, and now I suddenly perceive that my former understanding of the situation is no more than a memory of an idea, a             memory of a feeling. In order for it to come to my aid once more, I have to remake it ex nihilo and freely.” (70)

“after having patiently built up walls and barriers, after enclosing myself in the magic circle of a resolution, i percieve with anguish           that nothing prevents me from gambling” (72)

The gambler in this example is realising his freedom in that he is defenceless against his temptations, he is free to choose, just as you are. Such is a resolution, something that must be recreated each moment, each day. In the first week, such actions will inevitably disrupt day to day living, at this point, the resolution may even be detrimental, but is done in the name of improving an aspect of your life.

With that in mind, a resolution is more than just a few words, it’s even more than every action done in it’s name. It’s a wailing child, consuming your time and energy, right now it’s taking it’s first steps, tentatively growing, soon it won’t need support, until then, be proud of what you are doing, no matter if it is a huge change or a small one, taken slowly or fast.

So there you go, rather long winded, but I hope this gives you an idea of what you have thus far accomplished, no matter how small it may be. After all, years come and go but you only change when you decide to!

Congratz and keep it up!


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