It’s the perfect story, so they say.

It’s tough taking over the world, but it’s especially tough taking over the world whilst your arch nemesis shares a love interest with you, as Dr. Horrible finds out in Joss Whedon’s short musical “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” a star filled story filmed during the 2008 writers strike.

Yep that’s right…2008, i’m a few years late but thankfully there might be a sequel so at least I’ve shaved 4 years off my waiting time, which is great because honestly this is one of the most fun shorts I’ve seen before, if the sound of Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion rolled up into one comedy doesn’t get your attention then please read on as I pour my  affection for Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog all over this corner of the internet.

I thought at first I’d review the 40 minute piece detailing my love for the musical numbers, how the flare of instruments and atmosphere they generated created the characters in ways the visuals could not, I thought of detailing my surprise at the vocal talent of Neil Patrick Harris or perhaps even note how Nathan Fillion somehow managed to push his brilliant trademark cheesy acting even further than usual, I even wrestled with the idea of talking about the ending (Whedonverse fans can imagine…) but I just can’t, watching  the whimsical ‘freeze ray’ scene in the laundromat whilst procrastinating and later listening endlessly to Act 1’s number ‘A Man’s Gotta Do’  has just melted my heart, critical impressions would fall flat under the gaze of  my dilated iris’

So let me just give you a run down and a link instead, Love it or hate it (how could you hate it, you monster!) I’m sure it will be worth your time. The plot is nice and simple, Dr. H wants world domination and access to the Evil League of Evil in order to win over Penny, Penny wants a new building to house the homeless, and Captain Hammer wants more fame and another woman,

For a supposed villain Dr. H is pretty likable, he’s ambitious, comical yet calculating and suitably dramatic for a villain, wanting world domination yet unable to talk to the girl in the laundromat…sweet Penny the doe eyed-vegetarian-homeless helping-down to earth-selfless girl with stormy past relationships maintains an undeveloped but strong past fueling her desire for change yet standing in the way of world domination and eternal love is Captain Hammer, the cheesy, heroic and ultimately thoughtless hero who  has a long history of foiling Dr. Horrible’s plans, this time attempting to bar his entry to the Evil League of Evil, led by Bad Horse.

Penny is the Ying to Dr. Horrible’s Yang, also impressionable and idealistic she endears to our hearts as she secretly harbors feelings for Dr. Horrible and shares his vision of a better world, albeit, with  much less drama, no scene draws them closer together yet further apart than in the number “My Eyes” where she sees progression, Dr. H sees rot.

Wanting to bed Penny is Captain Hammer the ‘corporate toolhead’  blindly doing good in his quest for conquest but undoubtedly morally lacking and without our sympathy.

Those are our characters, set in a world of eccentric super villains, economic disparity and

The comedy is  wonderful and the plot simple and short, shot over just a few days with a small budget the Whedon brothers worked to keep this gem free and easily available, enjoyable to everyone on youtube.

So here’s the link,( ) I hope you all enjoy it, if you have seen it I’d love to know your impressions!