Lying in bed, home at last, it had been so long, the walls gathered reverently around to see me again as my tired eyes drifted, slowly finding a picture of summer in 1999, the ecstasy of youth in sunshine, I fancied I was there again, hearing calls for strawberry juice, her voice painted my world tropical and my lips parted, drinking deep I felt:


A soft breeze entered my room, carrying the aroma of summer fruits, softly smudging the confines of my room with a palette of green and blue. No longer on my bed a new scene lay out before me as I lay my head softly back into Gaia’s green embrace, smiling I ran my hands playfully through her hair, until amazed I stopped to watch the last fragments of my room transform as my imagination flared.

I felt time come to a halt as the clock’s face dripped sun kissed honey onto fields of violet lavender, swaying softly in an idyllic breeze, moving peacefully as the earth danced among the stars, the grand ballroom in a cosmic womb.

I felt everything, I became everything! In this lucid moment I became the pulsing nebulas through which Orion stalked, the aching beat of Titania’s heart upon seeing her lover, I became the breeze along a sandy shore, carrying aromas from the horizon, the glint in a lover’s eye as she awaits her lover under a great oak.

I became the soft grass lying underneath and the aeroplane hanging lazily above, hearing it’s hum from down from my garden where I ended my journey, closing my lips to the atomic taste of strawberry juice in summer.
Almost awake, I felt the soft plush of cushion upon my cheek,
but my summer was not over yet
and like life itself, began